Are looking for any start-up ideas for Women?

“Imagine a life where all your time is spent on the things you want to do.”

Imagine giving your greatest attention to a project you create yourself, instead of working like a cog in a machine and make other people rich. All over the world, and in many different ways, thousands of people are doing exactly that.

Wait a minute, now the question is imagining is fine but what exactly do to earn money? We women’s are always added up with daily chore, kids, social family drama & so on… After all this in the corner of our heart, that strong desire is still alive of being something in life, creating our own world!!

Today’s world we are all ears to frauds that is happening around with name of business. People who asks to invest and being deceptive. Therefore, it is very important to choose what you want to get in and where you want to see yourself, because raising a fund and investing in business is little difficult task.

Micro business revolution is happening all around us as people say “thanks but no thanks” to traditional work. Small businesses aren’t new, but never before so many possibilities come together in the right place at the right time.

Access to technology has increased greatly, and costs have gone down greatly. You can open a Pay-Pal account in five minutes and receive funds from the buyers in more than 100 countries.

Above all it is very difficult to raise a fund for business that involves risk.

We will go through the details of businesses that involve Zero% risk and 100% Profit.

So, ladies here we are to create the vice versa example for our later generation.

The situation to look in to businesses line mainly comes because of self justified responsibilities and desires that need to be fulfilled; you’ve probably heard a million reasons why you shouldn’t do it. You’ll lose money, you’ll become a workhorse, and your social life will cease to exist, and so on. But, even with these possibilities, people are still magnetically drawn to entrepreneurship.

The truth is that if everyone actually listened to the naysayers and gave up on pursuing their dreams, then we wouldn’t have the likes of Indu Jain, Vandana Luthra, Chanda Kochar, Suchi Mukharjee, Aditi Gupta, Indra Nooyi, now would we?

There are so many great reasons to go into business for you, here are few, I hope among this one you’ll find related to your own!

  1. Hectic Job timing. Control of your own schedule and you will love it.
  2. Your job will be secure.  As an entrepreneur, you’re your own boss, and you never have to worry about being let go.
  3. Not happy with the salary. Honestly, this is one of the biggest reasons people go into business for themselves, and that’s good! What matters to you? A cushy nest egg, the ability to buy whatever you want, is being able to help your kids, the money to travel the world? Entrepreneurship can be the golden ticket to financial success and fulfilment.
  4. You take pride in yourself. When you build a successful business, you have a great sense of accomplishment. You visualized it, you executed your plan, and now you can say, “I did it!” On the other hand, it’s hard to feel that way when you do the same thing day in and day out for your employer, and you don’t feel inspired anymore.
  5. Your story. When people find out that you run your own business, they’re fascinated. They want to know what it is that you do, and how it’s doing. You always have a titbit to share, and it never gets boring. When people work for a corporation, a lot of times they don’t have as much to share.
  6. Tax advantages. Business owners enjoy some nice tax perks. They may be able to write off travel expenses, books, computers, and tools of the trade, car payments, phone bills, dining out, trade-shows, networking events, and much more.
  7. Your legacy. If you work in fields such as advertising, medicine, computer programming, teaching, or retail, it’s hard to imagine that you could pass your career to your spouse or children. On the other hand, if you own your own business, that’s something that you can sell and funnel the proceeds to your estate, or pass over to your loved ones.
  8. Making a difference.Want to feed the poor or help underprivileged kids go to college? Want to donate to cancer research, or help abused women and children? As a business owner, you control where your funds go, and you can use your company’s profits to make a difference in the world.
  9. Job creation. When you own a business, it’s like you have a whole new extended family. Knowing that you’re creating jobs for people, and helping them provide for their own families is a wonderful feeling.
  10. New skills.When you go into business for yourself, you learn a LOT. From sales, to marketing, to negotiating leases, accounting, software programs, zoning, and employment laws, you’re forced to pick up new skills. Eventually, you’ll learn to delegate these responsibilities, but what you learn in the beginning, you’ll take with you wherever you go.
  11. Your personal life.Everything you learn as an entrepreneur will spill over into your personal life. If you used to procrastinate, you’ll likely have an easier time starting that DIY project at home, or starting that exercise plan. You’ll learn that you can commit to changes, and in effect, it can make you a better husband, wife, or parent.

The above list is fare enough to justify the reasons to get in the business track. The reason could be anything but what is more important is to satisfy and justify your work and your heart should feel WOW this is what I wanted to do in my life.

Before we move on to the ideas, I want you to understand the answers of this Five W’s table. This has always worked for me in any task of my life. It helps me to prioritize and set the smart goal. Try it, you will love it!!!


What What do you want to do? Eg. Photography
Why Why it is necessary? To earn money
Where Where you will do it? Within Mumbai
When From when you will do it? TAT as per plan(eg.May1st,2017)
How How you will implement it? By wedding and model photography


I believe this gives you easy way to decide on what you want to achieve in your life.

In any situation when you are about to take a decision try and apply this funda !!!

Well here are few ideas which will give you chance to create your own Identity!!!

  1. Day care centre:Do you love children? Then why don’t you start a day care centre. Start from 2 to3 kids; see if you can handle them from home. I am sure you must have many friends who need someone to take care of their babies. Learn things and activities from internet how professional day care handle babies. It will help you to build your persona as a care taker.
  2. Custom made festival gifts: Have you observed the special gifts during festival seasons? You can try any innovative methods of preparing gifts for the festivals.
  3. Start your own blog / website: If you have a hobby about a particular domain or niche, you can start a blog and start educating to the people. Once generating income. Your blog is successful, you can place Google Ads and other local ads and start it would take at least 6 months to 8 months to start earning money through this business. It is one of the best small business ideas for those who are experts in a particular activity and willing to write such things on the website.
  4. Insurance Advisor:  You can act as insurance advisor. Insurance advisors in India would keep getting fixed commissions till the time the insurance policy is live. This is a good business idea for senior citizens or people who have just retired. Due to their huge networking contacts, they can easily sell few policies and start making money.
  5. Teach what you can:This is one of the best small business ideas who are expert in a particular activity like teaching, music, singing etc. Start coaching the people, what you are good at. If someone asks me to talk about how to create a blog or website and how to take this to top page on Google search engine, I can talk for 5 to 6 hours non-stop. If you have such skill, you consider this as one of the best small business ideas.
  6. Ice cream shop business:Opening an ice cream parlour at home would be a top small business idea. Even this business can be run by the family members and no special expertise is required.
  7. Chocolate shop business:This is one of the emerging small business ideas. If you love chocolates, this business idea can create some excitement for you.
  8. Yoga instructor:This would be a good idea for women and senior citizens or college students who want to spend few hours and want to make money.
  9. Jewellery maker: you will find many tutorials on you tube for jewellery making, start practicing and make your own design. Take advantage of Facebook and social media to sell your product. is good to start.
  10. Part time photography:If you love photography, you can choose this as part time business. You can plan for wedding photography or photography for special events where you can spend few hours and earn money. Do advertisement of your clicks on facebook and earn money.
  11. Train people on what you know:If you have any expert skills, you can spend few hours in a day and earn money. It includes any specific domain knowledge, functional knowledge, expertise in technical skills like Java, Dot net etc.
  12. Write articles and make money:If you are good in writing skills, you can consider this part-time business idea. There are several magazines and news papers which provide opportunity for writing articles on part time. You can also write on or and earn money. Good part is there is no restriction on how many articles you need to write.  Depending on the quality of articles, you would get money.
  13. Earn money by uploading videos to YouTube:If you like photo shooting and can do some creative videos, this business idea would suit you better. You can create videos, upload them to YouTube and start earning money. There are more than 10 ways where you can earn money after you upload the videos to YouTube.
  14. Evening home food:There are several elderly house wives who provide evening home food for a price. Though you may not make good money, but you can run this business from home and earn some money.
  15. Become LIC Agent:If you have good networking, this is a good small business idea.
  16. Painting: Try painting your own house and start taking small projects.

Hobbies that can be converted into business

  1. Yoga instructor: In the fast growing world, everyone has become busy. If you have developed a hobby about Yoga and can teach people, you can work as Yoga instructor and start making money. You may need to spend few hours in the morning or evening to turn this hobby into business and make money.
  2. Photography: If you are passionate about photography, you can make money through several ways. You can start a photography studio, open photography school, sell photography, and earn money through YouTube etc. If you can work for more than one channel, you can earn decent money.
  3.  Music: Everyone on the earth loves Music. If you have developed a hobby about music, you can work as good music player at parties, take music lessons at your home, rent a music studio and teach people.
  4.  Fashion Designer: If you are regular checker of magazine front cover and keep discussing about fashion, you can try as fashion designer. Fashion designer designs the clothes based on latest trends. You can participate in fashion designing seminars, fashion designing shows, work as personal stylists. You can also create a blog and create a book and write about fashion designing. You can easily turn this hobby into business and make money. This is a good small business idea who likes creativity.
  5.  Blogging: If you are good in writing, you can create a website or blog and start writing on your favourite topic. Writing on a topic which you are interested gives happiness along with income. If you are not keen in starting a website or blog, you can still create free websites or write on Squidoo or Hub pages for free and earn money.
  6.  Event Management: If you are good in making arrangements for a party and create some fun, you can try event management as a business. You should be able to plan the event, create fun, execute within the budget.
  7.   Art work: Do you love art work. Are you passionate about doing things like painting, drawing etc? Why don’t you try photo mugs and plates businesses? Such unique business ideas are there for people who love art work.
  8.   Teaching: Do you love teaching kids or elders on various subjects. You can convert this hobby into business and make money. You can teach kids at home or rent a place and teach kids and elders in the morning and evenings.  This is a good small business idea who likes teaching children.
  9.  Advisors: Do you love analyzing things and giving advices. You can analyze investments and become financial advisor. You can review insurance policies and become insurance advisor. You can create a website/blog on this subject and start advising people. Alternatively you can just post a free Ad on or People would approach you and you can advice and charge them.
  10.  Cooking: Do you love cooking? Do your neighbours or relatives appreciate the food you prepare? You can prepare your favourite food items and sell these home made products in the market. There are various ways on how you can market and sell home made products.
  11. Dancing: If you can move your feet on the beats, gather the building kiddos and start your own dance school at home.
  12. Gym Instructor: If you are in a good shape and size “S” &”M” fits you ,then what are you waiting for learn the diet chart and exercise  from Google and gather the building ladies and start training them. You can charge them less than what gym charges actually and use this as your sales trick to improve your clientele.


You no longer need to work nine to five for a big company to pay your loan, to buy a car, to send your kids to good school, to plan your yearly holiday. You can quit rat race and stat up your own world.

Achieve that perfect blend of passion and income to work, that makes you happy and you feel wow!!


All the best !!!

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