Connectivity is the core of an effective business system. You cannot expect the desired results if all the functional and operational levels in your organization do not work in synchronization with a single objective in mind.

In as much as intra level communication is important, the interaction with your clients and customers is equally valuable, because your commitment towards delivering services to them is shaped by serving what they ask for. Mobile apps affect your relationship with clients even besides work via connectivity over social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.

  1. Real time engagement can talk of productivity on various levels like effective use of time can render high quality products and services.
  2. Parallel workflow between presentations to clients and report generation.
  3. Checking and finalizing quotations and orders during an interactive session.
  4. Understanding of company stature and observing the market share in live stream.
With the friendly user interface, customers find it easy to share their views and opinions about the products they buy and the services they avail, pre and post purchasing. This practice has proven useful in product research and development and hence getting an edge in the cut throat competition in the market. Additionally, the response to such review is also moving as a faster rate while product models changing every now and then.
Selling products has never been these easier in terms of advertising and campaigning. Instead of going for putting up banners, flyers or using shine boards, companies are making smart ads and using mobile technologies like texts, websites, mobile applications, automated calls, QR codes etc. to spread word about their products.

It is also easy to target specific groups by customizing your advertising content and style, for example young people look for more features while business officials fall for technical details. The searching and buying trends of people is also utilized by software technologies like Google AdSense.

Studies conducted to observe response rates do not tell a different story. People are more likely to see and visit any site or product if it appears on their favorite search engines or frequently visited pages.

This commercial aspect is not far behind in using mobile services. Few fields where it is being implemented are

    1. Ticketing

Mobile apps have made it easier to book your tickets for any event, show or travelling itinerary. You need not to bother about standing in queues and facing the problem of running out of empty rooms or seats. Moreover, you can show the booking status on your mobile device only for validations.

    1. Crediting Vouchers

You need not to carry printed slips of coupons or royalty points earned against your transactions. Mobile numbers can be used to check user’s account and granting them the claimed rewards.

    1. Content Purchasing

If you want any specific software or gaming apps or ringtones for your phone, all can be done by online support services available.

    1. Location services

There are several apps that read your location’s weather, traffic status on your travel routes, events scheduled in your city and even pop notifications for location based discounts offered on shopping or food ordering by various companies.

    1. Mobile Banking

Even banks have launched their mobile compatible apps for providing users a never before experience. Customers need not to rush to banks for every inquiry or account updating activities. You can check your statements online, make transactions, pay bills etc. easily with the mobile devices itself.

Effect of Mobile Technology on Business Growth
The success of a business model lies in integrating all the processes and use of technology that influences this collective effort positively. If you have innovative and creative ideas, you have read the market well and your products are perfectly suited to the customer demands but your system is not upkeep with the recent advancements in technology, you are sure to take a backseat in the market share.

This is because companies are adopting policies which are more customer oriented than being product or sales oriented. The results translate obviously as you serve the users effectively on quality and speed fronts.

Some points to consider here are

  1. Business grows if their market presence grows. Use of mobile apps has made it easier to advertise products and services.
  2. If customers feel that they have a direct influence on company’s policies in that their reviews and feedbacks are catered quickly and with thought, they tend to build trust relationships with the company and its products.
  3. Effective use of employee’s time and their ability to deal with real time scenarios has taken creativity levels to new dimensions, hence affecting company’s growth.
  4. The cost of acquiring the customers decreases drastically in comparison to their lifetime value, thereby increasing revenue gain.
Saving Time and Money
It is a globally acknowledged fact that time is money and holds true in every aspect, from career perspective to business involvements. However having time is just nothing if you do not channelize your action plan well. In business structure, this saving reflects, in terms of profit gain.

Mobile technology has played a big role in fostering small businesses. Small scale start-ups generally do not have a lot of capital to spend on marketing and campaigning, but surely they have high quality technical expertise at hand. In this situation, development and usage of mobile apps have brought fortunes to them. Some ways in how can mobile services change the market dynamics are discussed here.

  1. Use of mobile apps saves time not only for business owners but also for their employees. In a survey it was found that on an average 5.6 hours and 11.33 hours are saved for owners and staff respectively on a weekly basis.
  2. With this time cutting, it is convenient to focus on the sales statistics and hence revenue generation strategies.
  3. The effectiveness of mobile apps is observed on the basis of speed and ease of access of information they offer.
  4. The processes of creative thinking, number crunching, raising quotes, technique implementation, invoicing, extending customer base, onsite sales and communication have become quicker and easier.
  5. Mobile apps have increased business potential also because users are already equipped with such devices and you just need to tap the technology into these to make use of the opportunity.
  6. The increased business costs are compensated by generating more revenue by minimal investment. This can only be done if you realize the customer behavior and adapt to technologies that deliver to their needs with simple solutions.