We value your contribution

We are open to any contribution from our visitors, be it a review, suggestion, post, comment or article. Just mail it to us contact@BusinessBix.com

Can I submit my articles at BusinessBix?

Yes, BusinessBix is open to accept any article or blog post, pertaining to the fact that it fits into one of the category heads listed on the website. We don’t pay for any submitted article, however open to republish a blog post or article; the rights should be reserved with you.

What BusinessBix expect out of an article?

It should be well balanced in terms of information, analysis, opinion and/ or expert advice. A write up that can keep the interest of its reader till the very end. We appreciate creative and original writing, but are open to any finely drafted re-writes. 

What all topics do you cover?

BusinessBix are into all fields, i.e. business, technology, social and youth related topics and news. Nicely knit articles or news flash related to any of these fields are accepted to be published. No repeat stories, please!!

Where and How to submit my post?

You can send an e-mail to our publishing team contact@BusinessBix.com along with details. Mention the category under which the article should be published; also provide the reference links in support of your writing (if any). We receive many articles on a daily basis; rest assured you will get a reply from us if we are interested.

Are there any regular contributors?

Yes, there are few of our regular contributors who provide us with both original and re-written articles. These are high profile expert.

What BusinessBix Expects Out of Its Contributors

  • Original view point – We have a wide number of contributors who may be writing on the same topic. We are okay till you come up with original view point based on your understanding and analysis.
  • Fresh and Unique – There are a number of things happening around the world, give us something that is yet not published in print media or Internet.
  • Article or blog post related to headings mentioned on the website
  • Research based findings- Write a proper research report, which includes all relevant information and support links. Keep it simple and crisp.
  • Your post should be free of three things – copy, plagiarism and grammatical errors.
  • Avoid long, lengthy and irrelevant information in your posts. Do not leave any loose ends in the post.
  • Be a reporter – It should be your original story that means your idea, you take the interviews or visit the company yourself and you do the research. So, it should be all first hand information.

What we AVOID 

  • No big or front page stories, we have dedicated team of writers to cover these kind of stories.
  • A post should not sound like an advertising material or recruitment post for the company. We do not expect any conflict of interest, in case of any the writer should disclose it to the team while submitting the article
  • No personal stories, although real life experiences could be used to explain any idea or thought
  • We do not expect our contributors to target anyone through their posts
  • Avoid encroaching on the intellectual property of others like trade secrets, copyrights etc. 
  • BusinessBix should not be used as a marketing or promotional platform to increase Google ranking of any other website.